• What are PCA services?
    Personal Care Services is the provision of assistance with activities of daily living for individuals who otherwise are not able to perform such tasks by themselves. Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) include shopping, cooking, cleaning, light house-keeping, eating, grooming, toileting, bathing, transfers, mobility and positioning, among others.
  • Who is qualified to receive PCA services?
    PCA services have to be medically necessary. The Public Health Nurse has to complete the assessment and determine the extent of the needed service and come up with service plan. Contact a Pro-Health Care intake coordinator at 763-746-8155.
  • How do I go about finding out if I or a loved one needs PCA services?
    If you or your loved has any medical, physical or mental health condition(s) that make it difficult for them to do their activities of daily living, you are likely to be qualified.
  • Who can work for me as a PCA and how do I choose my PCA?
    A PCA or a caregiver has to be an adult, who can assist with your activities of daily living,
    Be physically able to do light housekeeping,
    Be able to communicate with you effectively,
    Pass a criminal background check,
    Have a valid Driver’s License, among other qualifications.  Pro-Health Care will provide further training and a detailed job description for your PCA.
  • What do I need to do to initiate services?
    Contact our intake coordinators today.
  • Is my information kept confidential and private?
    All pertinent information obtained from you is kept confidential. All Pro-Health Care employees are trained on HIPAA and will ensure utmost confidentiality and professional conduct.